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Posted: September 6, 2013 in Feedback Friday
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We’re kicking Feedback Friday off with a bang this week, because I have blog news: Love in the ZA got its very first write-up! Author Thea Landen was kind enough to tell readers of her blog about what’s going on over here, and had some nice things to say as well. (Oh okay fine – we’re friends. It still counts. She’s a published author. With real, honest-to-god books. I’M COUNTING IT.) If you want to make her day the way she made mine, go check out her site, or better yet, have a look at some of her work. I just read her book Disintegration, and I’ll be honest: I didn’t expect it to ring my bells, since I’m super-picky about sci-fi fantasy, but I loved it. I was kinda pissed when it was over; I wanted more of Cal and Ro and even that bastard Zedek. I reached out to Thea to harass ask about a sequel, and while there isn’t one (YET) she does have a set of prequels available through Smashwords; if you read the book and like it, check those out too. I know they’re on my weekend reading list.

On an entirely different note, have you heard about this UC-Irvine course, “Society, Science, Survival: Lessons From AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’”, through I stumbled on it the other day and promptly signed up (it’s free!); if it’s not obvious, I have a thing for zombie-related entertainment, and I couldn’t resist the course description. Anyone in the world can enroll, it’s not US-specific, so if you’re like me go check that out! I’m pretty excited about it, both because I need info on population modeling and the spread of contagion and because I’m a little bit sick in the head. Don’t judge.


Last week I rec’ed a romance novel, so this week I’m going to go with something in the sci-fi genre: Scott Sigler’s Infected. In the book, an unknown illness is causing people to freak out and wreak havoc on themselves and everyone around them, and then disintegrate into nastiness when they’re finally taken down. There are a couple main characters but for me the main draw was Perry, a badass who spends most of the book fighting the infection that’s taking over his body. The writing is pretty graphic, and the whole thing has a Tommy Knockers vibe to it, but I liked it. (If you don’t know what “Tommy Knockers vibe” means, you should be ashamed of yourself. I’m just saying. Go do penance at the altar of King and get back to me.)

That’s it for me this week! Don’t forget, Chapter Two goes up on Sunday; I’ll see you then.

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