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Posted: October 4, 2013 in Feedback Friday
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Can you believe it’s October already?! Some of my friends are already Christmas shopping. Christmas. I haven’t even nailed down what my kids are wearing for Halloween yet; don’t talk to me about Christmas. Lunatics.

We hit Love in the ZA’s one month anniversary this week, on the 1st, and can I just say? THANK YOU. Seriously. More people are reading and telling their friends about my little project than I ever imagined, and I appreciate it more than I could possibly say. Special thanks to my husband, who’s been taking those business cards he had made and shoving them into the hands of every poor sap he meets, and my mother, who I think hired a sky-writer or something. (Not really. She just knows everybody back home and isn’t afraid to strong-arm them into talking about her daughter. She’s fierce.) You guys have all been great readers so far; I hope we have another fun month together. I think you’re going to enjoy it. (Hint: VENGEANCE IS COMING.)

The other week I mentioned the contest that Harlequin has going on; chapter submissions are starting to go up, so if you like romance and want some first looks at the manuscript possibilities, check those out. I see some interesting ideas there! Next month they’ll narrow the field to 10 complete manuscripts and put them up for public consumption/voting, so keep that in mind – it’ll be a great chance to essentially read 10 free romance books AND get a little say in what you think should be published. Win-win!

I want to talk about libraries for a second. When I was a kid I had a tiny shelf in my bedroom where I kept all of my books, which my dad would force me to purge every so often to make room for new stuff. (Who makes a writer get rid of books? I mean really. I love him, but the man is damaged.) I always dreamt that some day, when I was a Real Grown Up With My Own House, DAD I’d have a whole room dedicated to being a library. In the meantime, I’d spend hours drooling over pictures of other peoples’ amazing libraries. Which brings me to BookRiot’s Libraries of the Rich and Famous, a three-part series from last year that they kindly compiled into one post last month, for maximum library porn in one space. I’m more than a little in love with Professor Macksey’s library, mostly because it looks like the kind of book deathtrap I mentioned last week.

You know that guy is awesome to have coffee with.

BookRiot has lots of cool articles, obviously for book lovers, so go waste time over there. We won’t talk about how much time I spent clicking last night; some things are private, you know?

(I have a library now, by the way. And I never get rid of a book. HAHA DAD.)

Last thing for this week: this Gatsby t-shirt.


Oh. Em. Gee.


My brain is completely fried this week, after reading nothing but textbooks and articles for classes, so let’s do this: YOU give ME one. Romance and/or sci-fi, what would you recommend? Comment here, or let me know on Twitter: @lizz_lake.
See you Sunday!

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