Confessions of a Slacker Writer

Posted: May 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

I did this thing, back in January, and it’s a thing I think everybody does, at one point or another, in their life. You have all these balls, you know, and you’re juggling, and you’re juggling, and you’re really kicking ass at it and you think, “Yeah! All right! Let’s toss another ball in there, I have this thing on LOCK.” And then you do, if you’re crazy or stupid or whatever it is that I am, and pretty much immediately you realize oh. Shit. Maybe not so much? With the balls? And the juggling? My arms are fucking tired. I did it once before, when I had, like, two perfectly sleeping kids and thought it would be awesome to add a third, and then the universe was like “HAHA YOU IDIOT HAVE SOME TWINS. SLEEP WHEN YOU’RE DEAD.” And then I did it again recently (but not with kids, chill Mom), and it was nearly as badly thought out and exhausting but in an entirely different way.

I dropped some balls, is what I’m saying.

But it’s over now, and I’ve learned my lesson. Things here will resume as scheduled starting next week; a new chapter will go up June 1st, and we should have smooth sailing all the way through to September. I’ve taken on a reduced course-load for the fall semester – 4 classes instead of 7, because really, that shit was ridic, DON’T DO THAT – so, fingers crossed, it should be easier to achieve some kind of school/work/home/book balance.

In the meantime, if you’re still here, let me know. And please accept my abject apologies for disappearing off the grid for a bit there. I’m doing my best to ensure it doesn’t happen again. I want to know what the fuck Maddie and Vinnie are going to do too.

  1. mxcoot says:

    Well I was a little nervous at first, I imagine your husband would have some questions. Ha! Looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. Thea Landen says:

    “I want to know what the fuck Maddie and Vinnie are going to do too.”

    I hope you answered your own question there. 😉

    (In case I’m failing at innuendo – FUCK)

    Looking forward to the upcoming chapters!

  3. deltajuliet74 says:

    I’m still here! And dying to find out what’s going to happen 🙂

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