Feedback Whatever, Bah Humbug

Posted: December 21, 2013 in Feedback Friday
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I’ve been trying to write something about Christmas for a couple of days now, and it’s just not working for me. Which is a surprise, because I LOVE Christmas. Not the presents – I could take or leave those, to be completely honest – but all the other stuff that goes along with the holiday: the decorations, the cookies, the cards, the general spirit of niceness that people seem to have (provided you’re not facing them down over a deeply discounted TV, I guess). I look forward to all of it, all year long.

Unfortunately, I’m just not feeling it this year, and I can’t figure out why. Every time I try to write in detail about all the things I enjoy I end up getting sidetracked by the things that make me crazy. Like that creepy ass Elf on the Shelf, like, WHAT is appealing about a doll that is supposed to move while we’re sleeping? I’M ASKING. Nightmare fuel, jesus.

So rather than subject you to my stressed-out, seasonally-depressed rant, we’re just going to skip out on a real entry this week. There will NOT be a chapter posted on Sunday, either; I’m in the last big push to get everything done around my house before my kids cover it in wrapping paper and the blood of their weaker siblings (two weeks off school, y’all, send help) so I have to focus on that right now. The good news is I’m off school myself until the end of January, so I should be able to get ahead on the book a little bit and there hopefully won’t be any further delays.

Much love to everyone. I hope you enjoy celebrating whatever it is that you celebrate at this time of year. Try not to kill your relatives. See you on the 27th!

(Author’s note: Swear to god, I thought today was Friday. It is NOT. You see what I’m dealing with over here?)

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